Healthy Fresh Vending

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    Healthy Fresh Vending


    For decades, vending machines have been placed in various businesses and schools. Traditionally, these machines have been filled with unhealthy choices for a drink or quick snack.every body loves getting a healthy vending snack  With the rising cases of obesity, a healthy option must be integrated. More and more companies are turning to these healthier alternatives. Here is a closer look at fresh food available in these units today.


    What Can Be Found In These New Machines?


    Snack machines usually offer a wide variety of options. Numerous drinks, snacks, and side dishes can be found in these units. For instance, in place of fatty and sugary snacks, a person will be able to find sliced fruit, nutrition bars, and crackers. People with a sweet tooth should not be disappointed. Organic candy and low fat cookies are also included.


    Healthy drinks are also available. Yogurt smoothies, water, juices, and energy drinks fill these machines. Soda lovers will also have the choice of natural colas as well.


    For people who are looking for something that is more filling, there are healthy sides. Soups, noodle dishes, and other vegetable sides are offered. This gives a person a wide range of food options, no matter the time of day.


    Advantages Of Eating Healthy


    There are numerous reasons why these units are gaining in popularity. More and more schools and offices are looking for healthy food alternatives. Here are some of the advantages of these machines.


    The first advantage of these machines is obviously the health benefits. When a person has access to good food choices that are low in fat, sugar, and sodium, health is sure to improve.  Unhealthy foods are linked to obesity, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Avoiding these items will fill the body with nutrition instead of empty calories.


    Another advantage to is the fact that healthy foods are more filling. When a person chooses a candy bar as a snack, it may bring a temporary boost to energy, but will quickly fade. In the end, it will leave a person tired and more hungry. Healthy foods are usually filled with essential vitamins, minerals, and fiber. These ingredients provide energy without the crash.  High fiber foods also keep a person feeling full for longer periods of time.


    The final advantage of healthy foods is the fact that people will be able to eat fresh items. green vending machineMany times, chips and candy bars can sit for a long time. Even when the expiration date is not over, these foods tend to taste bad because of all the preservatives.  Since healthy foods are perishable, they need to be replaced more often. This means that foods will taste better.


    How Healthy Machines Are Reinventing The Vending Industry


    To begin, healthy machines will help fight obesity. It is a fact that traditional vending machine have been a large contributing factor to an overweight society. Having healthier options will cut this problem. After a person has the chance to try some of these different foods, it is likely to continue by buying large sizes of the foods in grocery stores. In the end, it can be a domino effect that will bleed into other meal options.


    Healthy foods provide a new avenue for companies to extend a multi billion dollar industry. Organic products were never offered in vending machines. However, this new trend has opened the door to new customers who crave healthy instead of junk.


    Problems Facing Industry


    Despite the advantages of offering healthy foods in machines, there are a few problems with the idea. Developers have had to invent a machine that is capable of keeping fresh foods at optimum temperatures. For example, bananas do not require as low a temperature as other foods. Therefore, a dual zone machine was specially designed to solve this problem.


    Dispensing fresh products has also been a challenge. Fresh items spoil much quicker than bags of chips. They also come with a higher price. Special packages is necessary to keep the food from becoming damaged. For instance, bananas must be wrapped in special plastic to encourage ripening. A unique retrieval bin is also used to prevent bruising as well.


    A final problem facing these machines is the ability to convince people to choose healthy products. Most people are not willing to trade in a bag of chips for celery sticks. It will take time and much initiative to move people in a healthier direction.


    Eating Well in Schools


    Most schools have removed all snacks and soda machines. This is to help with childhood obesity. As healthier machines are gaining popularity, it has prompted many school districts to add these units into the buildings. It gives children the feeling of snacking without the negative health effects.


    These machines are becoming a tool in the fight against obesity. These machines offer healthier alternatives to sugary or fatty items that provide no nutritional value.  Placing them into office building and schools across the country can be a step in a healthier direction.



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